That you’ll never regret

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1) Pick a Motive

There are so many different styles out there worth researching, not to mention that modern tattooing equipments and techniques have reshaped what can be imprinted onto the human canvas! Whether you’d like to pick a classic, such as Traditional American with its bold outlines and highly saturated colors, or prefer…

I’m scared and I’m stuck somewhere on the second floor, but I can’t stop playing!

At Dead Of Night (Steam)

At Dead Of Night is a swoon-worthy indie horror game developed by Baggy Cat Ltd., which delivers healthy doses of excitement and terror at every corner.

Before I dive into the story and my experience playing this game, I should mention that the developers’ achievements with At Dead Of Night


It took a giant leap of faith

The Witches in ‘Macbeth’ by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps (Source)

Throughout the centuries, innocent citizens have been tormented by the insidious women who sauntered around fires at night, whispering poisonous versets under their breaths. They were known as witches and for a long period of time, they were despised by society and feared by the mobs.

Impotent men would claim…

Would Mona Lisa still be as titillating without her smile?

Treaty of Paris by Benjamin West (Source)

TThe painting above illustrates how the universe shakes its starry, translucent black box of a head once in a while, and spews some ludicrous events out there. When the British delegation refused to pose for Benjamin West in 1783 after concluding a historical peace agreement as part of the Treaty…

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