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When I go to bed at night, after a long day at my desk, and I lay my head on the pillow (neutral spine, hair pulled back, empty bladder), I intend to, you know…sleep. As my mind lulls me into stillness and I begin to dream, my brain suddenly comes back to life, as if a Budweiser truck just flashed my prefrontal cortex.

I dream a lot (probably you do too), about everything from the stereotypical walks in the city of my childhood, to chainsaw low-budget horror indie sequels that catapult me back to reality with a chilly drop of…

History, Feminism

How did the biblical myth of temptation survive for so long?

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As we were sitting down on our knees, all crammed together like a pack of penitent penguins, we widened our eyes as the priest’s words seemed to be coming from all four winds, engulfing our little skulls: ‘Women are not allowed in the holy altar.’ It was not the kind of school trip I imagined! Our sweet teacher was nudging us to seize this rare opportunity and ask some questions, but in all honesty, we were too afraid that a direct question might be a direct ticket to hell.

So we just sealed our lips shut and watched as the…

I’m scared and I’m stuck somewhere on the second floor, but I can’t stop playing!

At Dead Of Night (Steam)

At Dead Of Night is a swoon-worthy indie horror game developed by Baggy Cat Ltd., which delivers healthy doses of excitement and terror at every corner.

Before I dive into the story and my experience playing this game, I should mention that the developers’ achievements with At Dead Of Night are astounding! The minute attention to details, as well as the combination between computer-generated imagery (CGI) and full-motion video (FMV), create a disturbingly fun experience. The music is the cherry on top.

The Story

Have you ever taken the scenic route on your way to a festival and got stuck in a…

Screw classes!

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It took me forever to find an image worthy of the feelings I experienced after my last German class at University. I bolted in the parking lot and started waltzing towards my dorm room, smiling at strangers and waving at toddlers walking hand in hand with their Muttis und Papis. I was ready to hop on that pony and ride into the sunset, not having to return to Frau Stein’s classes anymore! Freedom never tasted so good to me.

When I moved to Germany, I spoke very little German. The University offered an intensive course free of charge, with the…

“There liveth none under the sun, that knows what to make of the man in the moon.”

Long before humans ever dreamed of putting their feet on the lunar rock, different cultures believed that a mysterious man was stranded to live a solitary life on the Moon. Whether by divine punishment or mere destiny, this man was the bearer of great pain and longing, as he watched his fellow humans on Earth every night minding their own lives, working and dancing, eating and loving, joking and sleeping.

Only every now and then, someone deep in the middle of nowhere, Planet Earth, would consult a divination object known as the Prognosticator hoping to learn the best time of…

It took a village to raise a child

Illustration by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

As much as I would love to tell you this story at face value, I’ll have to admit this is not an essay about the green pastures of my childhood with no electricity and zero modern amenities. Instead, this article will focus on parenting philosophy, educational opportunities, and life as a whole for a child in the Middle Ages as understood by historians.

Historians have been able to put together archaeological discoveries and written evidence to build a rich tapestry of medieval life portraying adults as well as children, their lives, deaths, their dreams, and their biggest fears. …

When an emerging art trend became the butt of a joke

The Dream by Henri Rousseau (Source)

Mr. Rousseau took a seat on his favorite bench and closed his eyes, soaking in the glossy humidity of the air. He never knew what the morning might bring, and that particular day was no different! The sun was shining bright, to the delight of the third graders pushing their noses on a massive glass wall, hoping to track down a snake, a mountain lion, or a beetle.

‘Step away from the glass!’ The children pushed each other, pretending to be ferocious beasts with googly eyes and hair parted down in the middle — a sighting so rare in the…


It took a giant leap of faith

The Witches in ‘Macbeth’ by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps (Source)

Throughout the centuries, innocent citizens have been tormented by the insidious women who sauntered around fires at night, whispering poisonous versets under their breaths. They were known as witches and for a long period of time, they were despised by society and feared by the mobs.

Impotent men would claim it was a witch who slipped into their house, oiled the banisters with fish guts to ruin their marriage, while farmers would blame the old spinster of the village when their cows were decimated by a mysterious plague.

In 1474 a rooster was put on trial in the city of…

Seeing is believing

Source: Kerry Brown (Netflix)

I was very excited when Netflix announced the modern remake of Rebecca, a story that fascinated me for over a decade. I discovered Daphne du Maurier’s novel in high school, during a phase of arduous reverence for English Classics: Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Rebecca, Wuthering Heights were just a few of the titles I devoured in my mother tongue, with the promise that I will revisit them in the future in original form.

Rebecca was the first novel on this list that I re-read in English, and the experience was equally enjoyable as the first time. I consider myself…

I’m tired of writing from dictation, sir!

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

I loathed history class in high school! Hell, if I could only find it in my heart to skip it, I would have slipped out of the classroom, tiptoed into the parking lot, and finished half of my Marlboro pack in 50 dreadful minutes. Unfortunately, I was neither a smoker nor a skipper.

I would plant my derrière in that front desk and roll my eyes every time the professor stepped into the classroom. Because of my myopia, and because I had a growth spurt worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records at the age of 12, I would…

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